dark scales

  1. A

    Discolored Scales

    Hey all, recently Dova has a few scales that have turned this kind of green yellow color? It doesn't really look like a fungus or rot but it's got me nervous and I was wondering if anyone had any idea what it could be. Its been about a week now and it's not grown any, it doesn't change to any...
  2. colbertf

    Damaged scabby scale

    Hi, My little guy (8 months) has what looks like some kind of scab or damaged scale issue on the side of his mouth. Just this week he'd come out of a partial face shed. Here are some photos, I'm not sure if I might need to treat it in some way or just leave it?
  3. annabella

    Dark Brown Scales, Fungus? Danger?

    Hello All, Hope your babies are well. I had to put my Nep, a three year old sweetheart, into a boarding home for a week. I did not like how it was not up to my standards on being clean. However it was our only option as we had to go out of town. Upon picking her up two days ago, these dark...
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