1. T

    bearded dragon dont want to eat

    I have my baby for almost 1 month now. She's getting used to me I hand feed and pet her. Yesterday she started to shed and when i wake up today to feed her she doesnt wanted to eat! she loves dubias why she denied them? i tryied her fav feeder, mealworms and nothing. Same thing as with the...
  2. A

    Did I Wait Too Long?

    Hi guys! I am 100% new to keeping bearded dragons. I did a lot of research and set up a bioactive enclosure, gave it a month to get going, and last week brought a baby dragon home from Petco (I know, bad place to do that >_<). Now in my research, I read to not touch them for a week. I leave my...
  3. A

    New beardie, sick??

    Hello everyone! I just brought home this beardie a few days ago and am worried about the weird bumps and his discolored this normal? Any ideas?
  4. K.E.W.T

    Beard flapping

    Why does my beardie do it?? It’s usually in the morning after she has been under her heat lamp for about an hour then she moves and she puffs it out then flattens it repeatedly, like she’s flapping it! Is it just her stretching it out or is there another reason?? I don’t have any videos because...
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