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    7-8yo beardie having trouble walking normally

    Hello, I have noticed recently that my beardie has begun to walk a bit wobbly and was concerned he may have arthritis or some other issue. He mostly seems to have trouble with the left front leg and I can feel slight swelling on that shoulder. He is still eager to walk around and I have been...
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    arthritic pelvis bone care treatment advice

    Hello! Ive specifically joined this website for care tips for my beardie moko. Two days ago she was diagnosed with an arthritic bone. Where it sits limits her leg mobility by a lot because it pinches a nerve and the vet said it can lead to paralysis if shes not lucky. Moko was an active lizard...
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    GOUT or Arthritis???

    Hello! I am hoping someone can help us figure out what is wrong with our 15 month old, 13 in long fancy bearded dragon Yoshi. We noticed tonight his left wrist area was very swollen. I have been reading on these forums assuming it was gout, tried to order the meds but couldn't, and happened...
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    Serrapeptase UK

    Hi! I have owned a rehomed beardie for about 2-3 years now, he’s about 7/8 years old & and he’s never had any issues up until September last year. He was having issues using his arms and legs so he’s had an X-ray and the vet says he reckons its early arthritis and suffers with some spinal...
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