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I have owned a rehomed beardie for about 2-3 years now, he’s about 7/8 years old & and he’s never had any issues up until September last year. He was having issues using his arms and legs so he’s had an X-ray and the vet says he reckons its early arthritis and suffers with some spinal issues which he thinks came from a case of MBD since before I had him. His bone density and everything else is healthy but I was researching serrapeptase, which I’m hoping will help with with inflammation he has. He’s already on metacam 0.15ml dosage every 48 hours but I want him to have as much help as possible. Does anyone know where I can get some in England & if it’s safe for him to have. Thank you!

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This is Atlas, he's my 3 year male leatherback. i don't know whether to be worried as he has no femoral pores what so ever, not even small ones! i always thought they would come with age but he is getting a bit older now and i'm starting to worry. here are some photos of his lack of pores. if someone could let me know if this is healthy that would be greatly appreciated!!
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