1. K

    Does My Rescue Have Yellow Fungus?

    Long story but I feel like its important to get all in. I got a bearded dragon from my friend who had him for about a year, she had got him from a breeder who had him for about 1 1/2 years. My friend didn’t do much research on beardies and unintentionally had the guy in pretty bad conditions. I...
  2. dogndragonmom

    Crystals in urate

    My 3 year old dragon had a BM today and I noticed his urate looked different and has crystals in it. I have been syringe watering him as of late, because 1 week ago he had very very dry stools and urate. He does not eat alot of greens. He eat his feeder insects good. I have been trying to...
  3. dogndragonmom


    We rescued Cheech in mid November. He is about 3 years old and his vet check showed he is a healthy lil guy. He has been going to bed this past week about 2 hours before lights out and today he stayed in his hide this morning, where be is usually up and ready to be fed. He came out once...
  4. dogndragonmom

    Weight gain in adult dragon

    Hi there, We rescued Cheech on 11/22 and he had his first vet visit with us on 12/13. They did everything, labs, xrays and fecal to check his health and give us a baseline for him. His fecal was negative and his labs were ok. His xrays were also good. He was having some loose stools, so we...
  5. dogndragonmom

    Help understanding lab results on our adult rescue

    Hi everyone, I rescued a 3 year old dragon 3 weeks ago and he has already had his vet visit, with blood work, xrays and fecal, which was negative. He weighs 324 grams. He was having loose stools the 1st 2 weeks and we started him on BeneBac and his stools are getting firmer. He eats his...
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