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    Tiny worms, please help

    Tiny worms in my roach bin. They’re all over the bottom and the egg cartons. I have thousands of roaches and Buffalo beetles in there and I don’t know what these worms are but I’m worried. When I search it up it says these might be gnat larvae or mites.
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    Worm colonies: Silkies & Hornworms, no luck with BSFL

    I have a question on your hornworm breeding. Today I just found out one of my hornworms pupated, I read that they need light to be able to emerge into moths. Do you have them next to a window or do you use some kind of bulb?
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    Closing eyes

    My baby tends to close her eyes whenever I pet her, is this a good thing or is she scared?
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    Feeder breeding set ups and tips

    I’m currently trying to breed Dubias, silkworms, hornworms, and super worms. I have bins, super worm bedding, silkworm chow, and worm screens to climb. Can I see a couple of peoples set ups that have been successful?
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    3 1/2 month old not eating enough.

    About a month ago I got a baby dragon. I have all the right supplies, stays around 111-ish in her basking area, humidity says it’s at an okay level, and I have the repti-sun uvb tube. 2 weeks ago she was only eating 5-10 Dubia roaches a day and weighed 14 grams, now she eats about 14-30 a day...
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    Power outage help!!

    I heard a big bang and my power went out. I don’t know what happened but firefighters drove by. I have a baby dragon, how can I keep him/her warm? I currently am curled up in my bed with him/her laying on my neck where it’s warm. He/she feels cold to touch and I’m scared. I got a call saying...
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    New bearded dragon constantly staring at me

    The uvb is a T 8. 10pm - 8am is when the lights are off, and 8am -10pm is when the lights are on. As soon as the lights turn off he/she will find a place to sleep. Should I skip the mealworms and just feed wax worms with the salad until the Dubai roaches, bsf larvae, and Dubia chow get here?
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