Stress spots are stressing me out

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Stress spots are stressing me out

Postby Aluna12983 » Sun Jun 18, 2017 5:14 pm

I just got my baby bearded dragon yesterday, and late last night I discovered leopard spots that I layered discovered are stress spot. Her head is high so I know she's healthy and its 105 degrees in her cage. I think it might because she is see herself in the cage glass, I don't know how to stop her from seeing herself in the glass. I thought of painting the inside, but its my aunts cage. Any suggestions, I could really use them. I've never had a lizard before.
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Re: Stress spots are stressing me out

Postby kingofnobbys » Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:17 am

Most likely just relocation stress ....

Maybe he/she's seeing the ghost beardie and it's stressing him out , paper sheeting at his/her line of sight will hide him/her from the ghost beardie (reflection that he/she thinks is stalking him/her).

Stress marks are not always an indication that beardie is upset, they can also often indicate beardie is alert .

is helpful for many Noob beardie keepers to review the husbandry and care (often the Noob is given very poor advise by the seller - this is especially common if it was a petshop).

A common mistake is cohabitation (if sharing tank or can see another beardie) , even if he can see another beardie , or a snake or very large lizard ?

Are there other pets (cats, dogs ) in the household ? The can be a problem and a danger.

And details of your feeding schedule and other husbandry aspects . Might be a very easy fix .

Photos of the tank and showing substrate and lighting and of the beardie will help too. Use XIMG button to upload photos from your computer.

How heavy is he beardies ? how old are you told he is ?
...... recommend weighing regularly (weekly say)?

Can you give us a good rundown on the setup and schedules (light and feeding) :
Basking light
........ is it a coloured globe ? (BAD)
........ what is it's wattage ?
........ how far from the basking spot ?

>>> daytime
.......warm zone
.......basking spot
...... how are you measuring your temperatures ?
>>> overnight minimum viv temperatures ?

>>> is the uv rated AT LEAST 10%UVB ?
>>> is it a COMPACT (curly globe & WATTAGE ?
>>> or a T8 tube ?
>>> or a T5 tube ?
>>> or an MVB ?
VERY IMPORTANT : what is the brand ?
(not all UVB compacts and tubes are created equal or as well , many shops sell their own brand (Zilla, All Living Things, Reptile-One, Nat Geo , Natural Selections (in green boxes) which are cheap Chinese clones made very cheaply using very poor quality quartz glass and cheap phosphors ==> very poor UV spectrum produced incl UVC band and bad parts of the UVB band)

>>> also is it covered (in a domestic fluorescent light fitting )? == BAD
>>> also is it sitting ontop a mesh top ? == BAD
>>> how far from basking spot ?
too far and the UVA and UVB WILL BE TOO DILUTE.
UVA FLUX TOO LOW where dragon is ==> a very lethargic dragon w/ a very poor apetite just in the short term , and neurological problems if this persists , not to mention MVB if UVB flux too low long enough with inadequate metabolisation of dietary calcium or inadequate intake out calcium ... dragon.jpg

>>> size (L x W x H) and construction , photos of the setup are often helpful .

>>> is it sand ? == BAD AND IF CALCISAND this is EXTREMELY BAD/LETHAL when ingested
>>> is it particulate ? == BAD


TOO SHORT A PHOTOPERIOD (lights are not kept on long enough each day , will make beardie think it is winter , recommend at least 14 HRS PER DAY)

FEEDING SCHEDULE (I recommend at least 2 hrs lights/heat on before first live feed and after last feed of the day)
>>> when are you offering live feeder insects ? what are they ? how big are they ?
>>> when are you offering greens and other veg ? what are you offering ?
good guide is here :
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