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Postby LaceySmith » Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:31 pm

Hi! I just wanted to say a quick thank you for keeping this site going, even though I *think * I read on here that you no longer keep beardies yourself after yours passed. I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm sure they had a wonderful life while they were with you. :)

I adopted a male bearded dragon in August 2014. I thought he was 5 yrs old, but later learned that he was aprox. 7 yrs. at the time I took him. That was almost 2½ years ago so he's about 9½ now.

I knew absolutely nothing about these creatures, but I could tell that he was in need of some TLC asap. I researched and read enough to realize that BeardedDragon. org has the best beardie forum and very helpful information that I felt confident I could trust as I began to educate myself on how to properly feed, house and otherwise care for this sweet little creature. Thanks to the help I got from reading the articles and posts here, our little guy quickly began to gain weight and became more active and alert. He even shed, something the prior owner said he hadn't done in a long while. His citrus-like colors were beautiful when they emerged from that old, thick grey skin!

Soon after registering, my life became very hectic while I cared for my mother during her last few years of life, and I didn't have much time to participate here. But it was a great comfort to be able to come here and search for answers whenever I had a question about Velcro's care. (My daughter originally named him Falcor after a dragon in a kids movie, but we changed it to Velcro because that's what he reminded us of whenever we tried to lift him off of our shirts! lol)

Velcro has thrived for all this time, until he went into brumation for 3 months (longest time so far) and woke up unwell. I eventually took him to a vet, but thanks to the info I gleaned here I was able to get him properly and safely hydrated beforehand. Vet said that was good because she would not have been able to start him on the antibiotic while he was dehydrated. And because I had been giving him nutitious slurries with a syringe (which I also learned about here) she did not have to stress him by putting a tube into his stomach to give him emergency nutrition.

Well, I'm sorry. My "quick" thank you turned into more like a book, lol. But Velcro and I appreciate this site very much and we wanted to let you know that :)
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Postby beardie » Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:13 am

You're very welcome! I am glad that the site has proven to be a good resource for you and your beardie. Our moderators all do keep beardies actively, and also deserve much of the thanks for helping keep the forums tidy and things generally friendly.

It's true that I no longer keep beardies myself. I kept them for about 12-13 years. The site itself is coming up to its 17th birthday!! I can't believe it's been running that long! And while I don't keep beardies, the site also gives me something to work on from a technology standpoint (my career and hobby too).

Anyway... I hope that the site and community can continue to prove to be helpful to you and your beardie's care!
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