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Postby Joeygachetti1120 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 7:07 am

Hey everyone. My beardie venom is 4 months old and about 13 inches. His diet consists of crickets, Dubia roaches, wax worms (on occasion) collard greens, and spaghetti squash. He eats normally 3 times a day and has never had a problem until now. He hasn’t pooped for the past 3 days or so and he looks pretty bloated in the abdomen area. I have him on a sand mat as substrate so im positive he hasn’t eaten anything that could be blocking him. He is still active and basking and acting normal. No lethargy or loss of appetite, he just hasn’t seemed to poop in 3 days. I’m starting to worry and consider the fact that this could be an impaction issue. Please if anyone could help out I’d appreciate it!
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Re: Impaction???

Postby AHBD » Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:49 am

Hi there, if the crickets or roaches are on the larger side it may be hard for him to digest them. Can you post pics of your dragon as well as the size of the crix + roaches next to him or next to a coin ?

And are you positive that your basking spot is hot enough, about 105 ? They need it for proper digestion. BTW, stones CAN come dislodged from the sand mat , although I doubt that's causing any of this. You can give him a 10 minute soak in warm water to see if it helps. Also offer some baby food prunes or sweet potato with a drop or 2 of olive oil. All of those things should do the trick.
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