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Postby JohnPaul » Sat Dec 29, 2018 1:08 am


My beardie died yesterday. Came home to her eyes open with her head against the glass looking up. A week before her aggression had gotten bad. But just with me. She would open her mouth an hiss at me once even trying to bite me. Well i didnt give up. She finally stopped being aggressive but stopped eating PERIOD. Then the day before yesterday she was out just laying on the couch watching tv with us an she fell trying to crawl up the couch. It wasn't a big fall an as far as i can tell she didnt land on her back. But I tried to pick her up she opened her mouth but didnt bite so i just rubbed her beard. (Calms her down) well i put her nack in her tank and 30 mins later she freaks out just out of no where attacking everything flipping around. Then crawled on her rock an went to sleep while sleeping she flared her beard an it got really black. Well i woke her up beard never went down. She went back to sleep standing. Flipped out again after a hour. Then collapsed onto the rock. She was still breathing fine. I just thought it was weird. Well the next day i wake up she is leaned against the glass like i said she was still alive. I tried watering her feeding her dusted crickets veggies blue berries nithing not even any interest. Well we left for work. Came back home that night the first thing we do ia check on her as soon as we come in. She was stiff when i picked her up i laid her on the counter and blood came outta her mouth. We are DEVASTATED by this and wanna know what coulda happened. Please anyone? We keep temp right. Bath an let her out all the time. Her diet was great recommended amount of calcium. Then everything changed.
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Postby AHBD » Sat Dec 29, 2018 4:44 am

So sorry to read this John, how sad for you + your family. :( There's no way to know exactly what happened without a necropsy but she made have had a tumor or aneurysm that burst. It may also have been some type of stroke/seizures that in the ens caused her to bite her tongue. No way of knowing unless you were to have a vet do a necropsy. But again, I'm so sorry, my sympathy to you. :(
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Postby Drache613 » Thu Jan 03, 2019 6:46 pm

Hello John,

How terrible for you & your family. :cry: I am so sorry for your loss. Only a necropsy could hope
to give you answers.
Perhaps she had a stroke, it is relatively common.

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