1. Akg12saurus

    Baby food, bee pollen, & supplement recommendations

    Hey y’all, Warning a bit of a long winded post here. My beardie Gosha is going to turn 1 here in about 2 weeks. We had a treatment for parasites that was successful when he was about 8-9 months, and I’d say a week or two before that he lost interest in his greens and dubias. He only tried to...
  2. Monpetitchou

    Is it necessary to give my dragon D3 supplement ?

    I take my dragon, Falcon, out almost every day to get some real sunlight. if he's feeling a bit nervous, we're only out there for about 20 minutes. Otherwise, we're out there just chilling for an hour. Since he gets real sun + UVB light tube, do you think it's necessary to give D3 supplements...
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