1. kenobisaber

    ANY tips/tricks for stress? I NEED help!

    Tigger is my oldest beardie, he will be two years old on August 15th and Mando will be 1 year on May 18th. I am in a slight predicament. Their cages are across the room from each other. When Mando first arrived home (late January), Tigger went I never seen him act like it. Running...
  2. M

    Bloody stool, Black Beard and Inactive

    Sorry for posting again. I’m not trying to substitute this forum for a veterinarian, but this is my only alternative right now as I am a minor and I’m unable to make an appointment right now. So if you’ve seen my other threads, my 3 year old female beardie named Delta has been having some...
  3. N

    Beardie not eating much or moving has lots of black mark

    Hi, My Beardie is about 11-12 months old (got him from a petco here and they did not have an exact age). We moved him into this larger tank as his size would dictate around the start of November. When we did he loved the size and was very active and eating. Around the first week or two of...
  4. danielc12

    Relocation Stress in new tank

    I just upgraded my bearded dragon to a new enclosure, and she has been having some really bad relocation stress. She’s been digging in her hide, not basking much, basically pooped on herself, and hasn’t eaten much. I currently have the front of the tank covered with a cloth to hopefully help...
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