1. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    Make sure to stay hydrated!

  2. Coyoteskip

    A Weird Tale and a Mystery History

    Hi! I got my first beardie Charm back in April of this year from a previous owner who had posted him (her? Who knows!) on Craigslist. According to her, he was approaching a year old, ate everything in sight, and had no previous health issues. I'm now not so sure she was honest with me, and have...
  3. P

    A couple newbie questions

    hi guys, im a new beardie owner and just have a few questions. 1st is.. i just got my little one a week ago and he’s eating just fine and pooping well so i’m thinking he is healthy. One thing i’m worried about is his hydration. I know that they can go with out water for a while but he does not...
  4. T

    Do I give my Bearded Dragon enough hydration?

    Hi everyone. I have a 3 year old Male Bearded Dragon. I really only give him baths when he gets poop on himself. I read that baths aren't necessary but other people say that they are. I spray his greens whenever I feed him. Is this okay? I have seen a lot of differing opinions about baths.
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