1. Lyrebird.Rainwing


    I swear, some of the pictures I take of Swordtail are so cursed looking
  2. Frankiethedragon

    Is this an eye infection?!

    We just got this dragon four days ago. We are new bearded dragon owners. Does it look like his eye is infected? tia
  3. dogndragonmom

    Saturday Cheech

    I have been taking some close-up pics of him and just amazed how beautiful his eyes are. I wish mine were this pretty lol
  4. E

    black on eyelid

    hello my beardie is in good health and today I took him out he was acting completely normal didn't seem in pain and his eye were wide open but I then noticed some black-brown stuff up on the crease of his eyelids I was worried as maybe it could be some time of scale rot but it looks more like...
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