1. WyattK

    1st Day I got henry

  2. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    Hes chillin

    He's just a chill lil bean
  3. Pearl Girl

    Ah, my friends, what do you want now?

  4. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    Swordtail touched grass for the first time ever in his life today!

    Look at how happy he is ♥️
  5. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    Hes comfy <3

  6. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    Why are bearded dragons so cute when they sleep???

    I mean just look at him! He's just snoozin
  7. Lyrebird.Rainwing


  8. Pearl Girl

    Pearl hopes you like her hat!

  9. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    Welp, no more headphones for me?

    My bearded dragon Swordtail licked my pair of wireless headphones 3 times then sat on them. I think he claimed the headphones as his own!
  10. hakusmom

    I’ve just realized how spoiled my beardie is!

    My nearly 10 month old beardie is so spoiled! He’s in his luxurious 120 gallon enclosure, listening to opera and other classical music playing 24/7 on my little Google speaker. It’s all it’s used for! I replaced the light bulbs in my room with uvb bulbs (not coil) so he can be outside of his...
  11. HippieLizards

    Daisy’s unique sleeping positions, a collection.

    In the last month or so, my sweet old lady Daisy, has been getting extra creative with her sleeping positions, she never ceases to surprise me with a new uncomfortable sleeping position lol. So here’s a cute little collection of her various creative sleeping positions I’ve been able to capture...
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