1. K

    Is this a beardie boob?

    I was just giving my beardie a bath until I noticed this huge lump under her right arm, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there when I started to bath her. What could this be, and should I worry?
  2. L

    Help my bearded dragon has a bump

    weird bump I don’t know when it showed up. He’s 4 years old btw. He also has a weird black scale that repeatedly comes back I don’t know if they’re related. there are no exotic animal vets where I live nor can I afford it. also, the black scale. he has had for about a Year or two
  3. ColeDWestin

    Is something wrong with his ribs?

    Hey guys. While feeding my Bearded Dragon (his name is Safi) this morning, I noticed a peculiar bump along his upper chest/ribcage that hasn't been there before. It feels like a rib (maybe broken?) and sticks out a bit while he's moving around, but he doesn't react with pain at all, and doesn't...
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