1. clyde612

    Which Arcadia for a 40 gallon if I'm going to put the light on TOP of the mesh (medium/large mesh)

    I see there is a 14% Beardie, a 12% Desert, and the 6% Forest. I would assume the 12% Desert would be a good fit but seeing as I am going to put in on TOP of the mesh, maybe I should get the stronger one? Let me know what you guys think. Also, I am just going to foster a beard for a couple of...
  2. L

    Issues with temperatures for a Bearded dragon

    Hi guys, I have problems in getting the right temperatures for my bearded dragon. My enclosure is a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft viv from plywood. I have a an electronic thermostat and I place the sensor on the hot end side of the viv. ( you can see it in the attached pics). For heating I just...
  3. tedbubz

    Beardie climbs mesh top because he sees his reflection?

    Hi, So I've posted before about this issue. I took Ted to the vet today for a general health checkup and mentioned to his vet that he climbs the mesh top all the time and follows the UVB. He does this for 2-3 hours every day. After ruling out husbandry and health he said that he thinks it's...
  4. sheliah

    Hello, has anyone used the bulb from arcadia ?

    Hello, has anyone used this bulb from arcadia? It seems to me to be an all-in-one bulb.
  5. Don Piano

    Arcadia 12% vs 14% Discrepancy Issue

    Hey all, I'm new here but I've relied on this forum and its resources for a while in preparation of getting my own dragon. I'm having a bit of an issue that is probably simply just faulty bulbs but I figured it's best to ask. I've been using an Arcadia 34" 12% Desert bulb in a 36" Arcadia...
  6. Echoing

    I have made a discovery

    So I went to a local breeder today to talk about buying new basking bulbs and when I said "I'm here to replace my infareds for Arcadia Halogens" They told me why? So I went on to tell them everything I've heard and they gave me a sheet. Bearded dragons cannot see red which means that infared...
  7. colbertf

    Solarmeter 6.5R meter on a Arcadia T8 12% D3+ bulb

    Hi all, I have a 7 to 9 month old male beardie, ADV+, has not been eating well but is improving, and we just finished medication treatment for URI. He basks daily, no issue there. But he's had a dark 'ish beard since I've got him back in late January. I've received some great and very helpful...
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