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    Handling. approach?

    so i have been reading on here that most people let their beardies out of their enclosure almost all day and let them go with them in the car and everything. i really want to get to hold her more.. shes about to hands long. but the problem is when i take her out she poops on something that she...
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    Ceramic tile?

    Hey everyone! been awhile since ive been on here. so today i bought my little girl a 55 gallon tank. so i want to go all out on her viv to make it look and feel amazing. so my question is. i have dark blue granite tiles that fit perfect in half of her cage. so is it safe to use granite? ive...
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    Weirdest place you've found your beardie sleeping?

    sonny has a routine of cramming herself underneath her log and getting basically flat against the ground. my finger cant even fit in the space so idk how she does it! haha. :D
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    this routine is getting old... Suggestions?

    its always my clothes or the couch. never my hands, she will try to run off of me when shes gotta poo, almost like she doesnt want to go on me.
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    this routine is getting old... Suggestions?

    she loves being held, i keep holding her after that. so its weird.
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    this routine is getting old... Suggestions?

    that and pants.. haha. that will probably work for most of the time. except when its on the furniture... haha.
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    What are bearded dragon shoulder pads used for?

    The white nails are also accompanied by lightly colored or grey shoulder pads, a normal dragon will have black shoulder pads. just read this too on tundra dragons. so many different things.. :D
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    What are bearded dragon shoulder pads used for?

    i just read that the black shoulder pads where for showing off to another dragon, and some scientists think its for thermal regulation help.
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    this routine is getting old... Suggestions?

    i tried that.. she will still try her hardest to poop on me right after that even.. and i tried that as well.. haha, she will run off of it and poop on me or the chair..
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    Looking for a BABY leatherback, any suggestions?

    im very weird about ordering reptiles online.. its so stressful for them and you never know what your gonna get. i suggest looking around at expos, i found mine at an expo 3 hours away from me. but so much more worth it! actually get to examine them and look at them all there.
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    this routine is getting old... Suggestions?

    im getting tired of this.. EVERYTIME i hold sonny, she craps on me... everytime.. anyway to potty train them or anything? i picked her up right after she poo'd alot, then about 5 mins into me holding her, she urates and poops again.. but it was just the white cap and wetness. i love her to...
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    Can this baby be saved?

    oh! well that changes a lot.. "You need to get it booked in at the vets asap. They’ll be able to assess it, decide if it needs stitches or if some medication will clear it. Either way, it will need medication to stop infection. Until you can get it to the vets, try and keep the wound as clean...
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    Can this baby be saved?

    did you notice this right when she hatched? or did it happen after a poo..? looks to me like a prolapse.. id bring her to a vet to see what they say. i know they can put it back in if it is a prolapse..
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    Hating the cord harness

    i have no idea how they work, but im looking to get somewhat of a harness for my new beardie, was it to tight maybe? has thor tried the vest kind before?
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    Voted! good luck! :)
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