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    My bearded dragons neck got crushed

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    🦃 🍗 🍁 🥧 Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving
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    New job, need new daylight schedule but worried about timing

    I recommend a smart timer. It has made things so much easier for me.
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    Bearded dragon rescue

    Wow didn’t know your Rango was a girl. Mines is a boy but he’s tough and head strong as well
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    Bearded dragon rescue

    You should check into it. Especially since your looking to add some. Then we both would have Rango’s.
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    Bearded dragon rescue

    Wish I was in GA or near you. Then I’d have 2 Rango’s. Lol
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    Taco may have ADV

    @Drache613 does the testing but here is the link The Pats
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    Bearded dragon rescue

    Where are you located?
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    Feeding help

    I feed mines twice a day and as much as they will eat but mines eat regular worms. The nutrigrubs are so small I can’t tell you an exact number. But generally mines we close their eyes when they want anymore.
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    Quality of Life question

    Awwww poor baby. I would test for the virus to rule that out before making a decision. If that come backs negative then I would consider the other option so he doesn’t suffer. But I say pray on your decision either way.
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    Would you do surgery on an old bearded dragon?

    I maybe would see if we could biopsy it but if she has improved and it’s not hindering her personally I wouldn’t do surgery unless it was absolutely necessary. @AHBD @Drache613 what you think
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    Looking to adopt near CT

    ► Reptile/Amphibian - Stamford, CT
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    My beardie ate half an Aleve

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    I did thing

    Introducing my new baby Kioche. I received a message from @Salty asking if I was interested in taking her beautiful bearded dragon. And without any hesitation and excitement my husband and I said YES. I know that this wasn’t an easy decision because you get soo attached them. I appreciate her...
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    DIY Enclosure Build Help

    @CooperDragon @Claudiusx
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