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    doesn't want her veg and sleeps during the day

    Just to add she is 13.5 years old so it might have something to do with her age
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    doesn't want her veg and sleeps during the day

    I use a temp gun and a digital probe. Both have the same temps. Her basking spot is like a type of wood. I forgot the name of it but it holds heat well. She has never brumated before and I thought they went to the cold side
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    doesn't want her veg and sleeps during the day

    Not sure If this is the right section for this. Basically for the past 3 months I'd say my bearded dragon has shown little to no interest in her veg. Now usually she would happily eat them not long after I put the dish in her viv. She has no issues eating her locusts and dubia roaches. I've...
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    Laying eggs

    They were definitely all infertile and I've put them in the freezer.
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    Laying eggs

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    Laying eggs

    I've had her since she was 2 months old. She just turned 13 in April. She certainly doesn't act like a normal bearded dragon that lays. Thought she was finished so gave her some locusts. In the middle of eating she decided to lay another egg
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    Laying eggs

    She seems to have finished. Laid 24 in total. I gave her some locusts and dubia roaches coated in calcium. Will she lay anymore or will that be it?
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    Laying eggs

    Sorry if this is the wrong category. So I have a 13 year old female bearded dragon. The past few weeks she has been going nuts in her vivarium. Digging like crazy and showing no interest in her veg. I didnt think she was gravid as she was still interested in eating her locusts and I couldn't see...
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    Bearded dragon going crazy

    So i have a 13 year old female bearded dragon. Over the past week and a half (close to 2 weeks) all she's been doing in her vivarium is glass surfing, climbing the walls (or at least trying to). And the past 3 days she's been digging like mad She's never laid any eggs since I've had her, so I...
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