Possibly egg bound

So my bearded dragon was doing her usual routine of not eating much and being frantic so I I knew she had eggs. I put her Lay box in and on the Friday 4th March she ended up laying 24 eggs.
I thought she was done as she has always laid them all on the same day so I took her lay box out. However on the Saturday she ended up laying one more egg but no more after that.
However I can still feel at least one egg inside her. She has made no attempt to lay it.

She is sleeping quite a bit though that is normal for her and she will still eat her bugs. I believe this was her 6th clutch of eggs she has laid


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How many clutches has she laid this year just the one, but 6 total?
It is possible she is having trouble laying this egg. You could give her some extra calcium in case her system is low.
Is her beard normal color?



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This is her first clutch of this year but has laid a total of 6 clutches. She only started laying when she was around 13.

Her beard is a normal colour. It's only dark when she first wakes up when she's trying to warm herself up.

Shes still eating her bugs and perks up as soon as I put one infront of her.


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Wow, she is 13+ & just recently started laying? I would highly recommend making sure she is getting plenty of calcium
to be sure her bones are supported. That much egg laying at that age can be hard on her system.
It doesn't sound like she is in any distress or pain right now, so I would just watch her behavior right now. If she is eating
then if she does have an egg or two left, hopefully she will be able to pass them through.


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