Bearded dragon sleeping a lot

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Bearded dragon sleeping a lot

Postby BeardedDragonFam » Tue Apr 16, 2019 4:54 pm

My bearded dragon just went through shed for about ten days and I thought that what was causing his lack of appetite and sleep but he shed yesterday and is still sleeping a lot and not eating as much. I do use a coil uvb which I will be switching and i was wondering if that could have something to do with it ? But he didn’t have these issues until his recent shed
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Re: Bearded dragon sleeping a lot

Postby claudiusx » Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:09 pm

The coil could potentially if he wasn't getting a proper amount of uvb from it.
Changing it out will be for the better anyways.

How old is he?
Normal diet?
What is his basking surface temp?

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Re: Bearded dragon sleeping a lot

Postby KarrieRee » Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:40 am

I would say it has alot to do w/ the lighting in the tank -- what kind of UVB are you changing out too? Here is some info for you on the UVB --
Which UVB light should I use?
The best UVB light is a ReptiSun 10.0 fluorescent tube HO (Or Arcardia 12% in the UK). Compact or coil bulbs do not emit the proper amount of UVB light for a bearded dragon, and should not be used. Other brands, such as the Zilla Desert Series and ReptiGlo have been known to cause eye problems and other health issues with bearded dragons, and should be avoided. The reason that some UVB lights (Zilla, ReptiGlo, coils/compacts, ect.) are considered dangerous is because the wavelength of UVB that they emit is shorter and more intense than the wavelength of the "safe" lights (ReptiSun, Arcadia).
UVB lights should be replaced every 6 months. The T5’s are a strong bulb and only need to be replaced once a year – the T 8 every 6 months--- where as the T 8 are not as strong—they need to be placed inside the tank the T 5 10.0 bulb approx 10-11 inches from basking spot – the T 8 approx 6-8 inches from basking spot—the cover needs to be off the bulb for full effect of the UVB rays-- just make sure you get a 10.0 bulb and not the 5.0 HO--
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Re: Bearded dragon sleeping a lot

Postby fcooper » Wed Apr 17, 2019 9:01 am

Most likely because he’s not feeling well, which can have a lot of causes.

It could be that he is tired because the temperature in his enclosure is not high enough for him to be active. too low temperatures can be a cause of dragons sleeping all the time.

He could have a deficiency of a certain vitamine, which can cause him to sleep/be tired a lot. This itself can have multiple causes:

Your uvb light may be broken. Keep in mind a lot of uvb lights only work for about 6 months before they need to be replaced. Even with a good uvb bulb, try using calcium supplements once in a while to support his health.

A lack of diversity in food, make sure he gets insects as well as his greens. Make sure the fruits and vegetables you eat are safe, and try feeding him different fruits/vegetables for a varied diet.

If you feel none of these things can be the cause of his laziness, all i can do is advise a trip to the vet
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