Respiratory infection??

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Respiratory infection??

Postby Arivgonza » Wed Mar 20, 2019 5:47 pm

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Two years ago I posted about worrying if my beardie Randall had a RI because he sometimes “clicks” and it’s only when he seems fussy like when I’m putting him in the bath or taking him out of the cage sometimes. He didn’t go to the vet and has been fine so I guess that is normal behavior for him. Randall will be 7 next month and recently has started to worry me more, he’s kind of lethargic and not eating quite as much. I can’t tell if it’s burmation because when I combine these symptoms with his weird clicks, I worry about a RI. He’s in a 70 gallon with proper heating and UVB, I actually just kicked up the heat a bit to see if it would help as well as got him a newer UVB bulb. He is finally eating other greens (turnip) and will eat/hunt crickets now sporadically but not a lot- he will let them literally walk on top of him sometimes. He does eat about 3/4 of his bowl of greens daily. The thing that worries me more than him not eating much/not pooping unless I bathe him (also pretty standard for him) is his mouth gaping. It’s not a wide gape like you see when he basks, it’s a soft gape at random times where his mouth is slightly open. If I spray him with water he’ll close his mouth but I still can’t understand why it’s open and if he’s having trouble breathing. I’m wondering what you guys think, I will post a picture below. I have been one to worry excessively about my pets but I do not want him to get sick because I didn’t take him in!
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Re: Respiratory infection??

Postby CooperDragon » Thu Mar 21, 2019 10:40 am

His behavior sounds like a lot of adult dragons. Unless you start to see a thick mucous buildup around his nose and mouth I wouldn't worry about it. It's good that he's eating 3/4 of his salad. That should be most of his diet at this point. Adults just tend to eat a lot less than growing little ones do.
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