Juvenile Suddenly Skittish

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Juvenile Suddenly Skittish

Postby ScottSB52 » Wed Dec 12, 2018 3:19 pm

Apologies for long post. I've done my best to format it.

Recently my 6-month old bearded dragon has become very skittish. If I enter the room, he panics and runs into his hide, and will not emerge unless I have been relatively still (working at my desk) for about 30 minutes - 1 hour. If I get up to move around, he bolts right back into his hide.

He cannot be coaxed out of his hide with food, and will not eat with me in the room. If I leave the roaches in his cage in a bowl (they cannot escape from it), he will eat. I have started just leaving the food in his bowl and leaving the room for 1-2 hours to allow him to eat.

When I try to handle him, he puffs up, shows his beard, and gapes at me with an open mouth. He will also constantly try to get away.

This is not normal behavior for him. I have had him since the beginning of October, and this behavior only started 2-3 weeks ago. Before, he was perfectly calm when I walked in the room, would happily eat in front of me, and did not flinch when I would pick him up.

One important note: This behavior began when he was in the middle of a shed, but he has been finished with the shed for over a week now, and he has not gone back to normal.

I am at a loss here. Do I pull open his hide and force him to be handled so he becomes acclimated? Do I only offer his bugs for the normal 10-15 minute feeding windows?


* Temperatures are fine (currently reading 106/80F hot side/cool side).
* Lights are on an automatic timer: 6am - 7:30pm
* Normally eats two feedings of dubia roaches a day, one of which is dusted w/ calcium or
* Salad offered every day (some combination of collard greens, mustard greens, butternut squash,
rainbow chard, carrots)
* Poops every day. Stool appears healthy.
* Tile substrate
* Tank is 36x18x18
* Soaked in warm water 2-3 times a week.
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