Safe for my dog and my Bearded Dragon to be together?

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Safe for my dog and my Bearded Dragon to be together?

Postby Scoutix » Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:52 am

So I have a 2 german shepherds and a chihuahua. I know that Bearded Dragons carry salmonella and I'm worried on how that could happen with my dogs. I don't want them getting sick. Is it okay for me to have my bearded dragon out on my lap in the same room with my dogs? If they don't come up and lick my beardie will they be fine? I'm just wanting to make sure nothing bad happens to either of them and my house is a little crowded at the moment so one of the German shepherds and the chihuahua have to be in my room. I don't want my beardie to stay in his cage all day, but I also don't want my dogs getting salmonella. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Re: Safe for my dog and my Bearded Dragon to be together?

Postby kingofnobbys » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:24 am

I'd be more concerned about the dogs mauling the dragon than them getting a germ from licking him, heck dogs go around sniffing and licking each other's arses and there much nastier germs there and in their mouths than on any pet bearded dragon.

I would not be encouraging anyone to have their pet dragon out (of it's tank) when there are dogs in sight. Too risky.
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Re: Safe for my dog and my Bearded Dragon to be together?

Postby NBGwen » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:46 am

Beardies are one of the reptiles that have a very low risk of salmonella exposure. My 4 year old son (almost 5) LOVES giving Charlie a kiss on the nose and I've been known to as well. None of us have ever had salmonella.

As for a beardie being out with pets - it all depends on the animals. Charlie is never left alone with either of my two cats or my large dog (Bishop is a mix bread, probably rottie/shep and some husky). That being said - Charlie scares the heck out of all's pretty hilarious. Bishop will sniff and walk/hurry away, the cats will take off if he moves toward them :lol: My creatures are so brave (sarcasm). Heck, my cats are even afraid of my little parrotlet (all 6 inches of flying beakieness).

I would never risk leaving a beardie out of an enclosure unsupervised, but if you let your beardie out, make sure you are there to monitor.
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