Morning glass surfing and black bearding

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Morning glass surfing and black bearding

Postby AmyJade94 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:20 am


in a pair of 4ft stacked vivs I have my 2 rescue bearded dragons. Meeko the male came first which I never had any problems with. Now a few months ago I fell in love with a female dragon, Prescilla... sadly she was an animal abuse case and this is what led to me to getting the second viv set up. It was only a month in before Prescilla laid a few clutches of eggs in quick succession, I will add this is just her choosing to do so.. the two are housed completely seperate and will never meet. Now usually throughout the day, both are quiet and seem happy looking out their vivs.. going about their business. However, recently Prescilla, in the bottom viv has began to almost seem hyper in the morning. As soon as the basking light and uv tube come on she is running side to side.. no black beard just seeming as if she wants to come out. This leads to Meeko in the top viv mega black bearding... head bobbing.. glass surfing. I'm assuming he can hear her in the viv below. Now both uv tubes are always replaced when needed and the basking lights are on from 8am to 10pm.. the temperature settles at around 110 f.. measured by a digital thermometer with probe directly under the basking area.. the thermostat is set to 80 f with its probe as far over into cool end as it will go. The only thing that's concerning me is when the baskin light comes on it seems to throw out temps of nearly 120f! And can take a good 10 minutes to settle down to 110f.. is this my problem? Is the basking bulb getting way too hot when it first turns on in the morning? Reading online regarding glass surfing it seems it can be a variety of things and I'm just trying to figure out why. The pair of them were going erratic when I started writing this post, now I've finished and just looked over .. both seem perfectly happy just watching the day go by. This is what's losing me as to what can be stressing them as it seems very much a morning get up crazy habit and then totally fine :) sorry for rambling on! Thank you for reading z
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