Just got my beardie. He will not let me pick him up

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Just got my beardie. He will not let me pick him up

Postby Alyssabees » Tue May 22, 2018 12:43 pm

I just Got pepper about 2 weeks ago and at first i could Pick it up and it would be fine but now when i reach in to pick him up he hisses at me and will not let me catch him . I read That i just need to get him no matter what and let him know that i wont Hurt him but honestly i get Freaked out ... idk what to do .
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Re: Just got my beardie. He will not let me pick him up

Postby CooperDragon » Tue May 22, 2018 2:54 pm

It sounds like he is startled so I would leave him be for now. It's possible that he is shedding or something like that which has him upset. Can you provide details about his setup and lighting? It's possible if something is off that has him upset as well.
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Re: Just got my beardie. He will not let me pick him up

Postby kingofnobbys » Wed May 23, 2018 4:19 am

How are you approaching him ?

Do you chase him about inside his tank with your hand/s .... definite no-no .... essentially he see's your hands a terrifying and strange 5 headed monsters which are trying to catching him --> he is scared of you or of people in general and this behavior reinforces his fear.
If he retreats to back or a back corner or behind something - either leave him there or try reaching for him with long strong stick , approach very slowly while calmly talking to him , slip the far end under his chest and arms , they will instinctively grasp the twig , you can then slowly lift it a little and slowly draw him towards you until he is close enough to slip your hand under his body (ensure his legs and arms and entire body (bum to chest) is supported (they like to feel supported and stable) and you can deposit him on your lap, chest or tummy and sit quietly with him and let him feel your body warmth.
At this point you could deposit a yummy wormy treat where he can see it and can easily reach it.
Doing this every time you take him out will teach him that you are
> not going to harm him / eat him
> you are nice to sit / lay on
> you are the giver of yummy worms
and it wont be long before he decides can be trusted.

Also worth just giving him space for now .... spend lots of time where he can study you every day.

Also a good taming approach is to place your hand where he can see it in his tank with a very desireable food bribe on you open upturned hand , wont take long for him spot the insect and if he's hungry he'll soon overcome his fear of you and came over take the insect offering.
After doing this for a while he'll let you pet him , and will come to your where you present and will soon start trusting you.

Patience and time are key's here, you are working to his agenda and schedule , not your's.
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Re: Just got my beardie. He will not let me pick him up

Postby branjie » Fri May 25, 2018 7:06 pm

I have had my beardie for 2 weeks as well. He is now 18 weeks old. If he's acting freaked out, I won't do any more than sit beside his viv and quietly talk to him. I wait until he has been basking a while, as this is when he's in the best mood, and the most relaxed. Then I gently stroke his head. If he's o.k with that, I might pick him up and hold him against my body, with a hand in front of his nose, so he won't plan to run. A lot of the time though, I will just sit beside his viv and talk to him. Or gently stroke his head, and then leave it at that. Building trust is taking a long time. Today he's acting like I am a monster by even sitting beside his viv, so he's actually less fun than the crickets!! But I have seen how tame they can be as adults, so that's what I'm working towards. It feels like a long and thankless road at this point. I think we just need to stick it out, and trust they will be calmer, and enjoy us more as the trust is built, and they become more mature, and less skittish.
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