Introducing my bearded dragon, and puppy!

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Introducing my bearded dragon, and puppy!

Postby Ashswish3 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:48 pm


Hey guys! I’ve had King He Ray for awhile now, and he’s used to running around on the ground outside of his tank. Well I just got a new puppy (9 weeks) and I want to know the best way to introduce them so at the very least they can cohabitate! I’d like much more than that, but if that’s all they are comfortable with then I’m okay with that. Ducky (my puppy) is already very curious about King Henry! How do I do this? How did you guys do it? What’s the best methods? Help plz!
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Re: Introducing my bearded dragon, and puppy!

Postby ncc74656 » Sun Apr 22, 2018 6:26 pm

this is a tough one because the puppy may be perfectly happy with the beardie BUT in his energy may end up stepping on him or otherwise injuring the beardie. the x gf and i had beardies with our dogs and they got along swimmingly but one day the 2 year old black lab accidentally stepped on one of our beardies legs and we had to go to the vet for a fractured hand. its just soooo easy to happen.

to introduce them just pay very close attention while they are in the same area and be ready to grab either one of them at a moments notice. for at least the first few weeks dont ever let them be close to each other with out your dedicated eye on them. beardies (even adults) are well out classed by the weight of a dog. once they seem to be friendly with one another then you can go from there. many dogs will go after muskrats, squirls, and such. a beardie is not a far step from that behavior that is instinctual to dogs.
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