Newspaper for Substrates???!

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Newspaper for Substrates???!

Postby Tgu » Thu Jan 24, 2019 11:32 am


Hey I dont know if this should he here buuutt.

My dragon is pooping and then wiping it allllll over the back glass. I currently use reptile carpet and I read on here that newspaper might work well. Laying down some on the bottom and then shredding some (I plan on making them at least an inch thick so its "shredded" but she wont eat it) and so she could poop but it would possibly be covered by more shredded newspaper from her walking. As horrible as it sounds I really need this to work because I cant take having my room smell so horrible from her wiping her poop every where.

Long story short I was wondering if using newspaper as a new substrate would be ok. I need something that can absorb/cover the poop because teto(my dragon) will poop when I'm at school so I can not stop her from smearing it every where. (And yes I know it will not look good but if I can fix my problem with her then I will be over the moon)
Thanks~~ Tgu out!
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