Necropsy Results

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Necropsy Results

Postby GermanGiant3 » Sun Nov 18, 2018 2:43 am


Pablo's necropsy revealed nothing at all, despite us treating him for what was seemingly gout for a year. No uric acid buildup, no infection, no enlarged spleen, no undigested food, everything seemed as it should be. His necropsy was done by an expert who has been doing them for a very long time and he was baffled and frustrated that he had no answers for me. It's almost as if he died of old age at nearly 3. When flipping him on his back and side on November 11th, he didn't flip himself back up or respond in any way shape or form. Which is the characteristic of a dead dragon. But he would still open his eyes every once in a while and eat something. It's almost like something in him died off before he actually died. Because a dragon that doesn't flip off of his back or respond to being put on his side etc in any way shape or form shouldn't be alive to open his eyes, eat etc. Makes no sense. He kept his eyes open and kept going right up until the 13th, that one year year anniversary of onset of severe neurological symptoms when my whole life changed and his first vet appointment there.

Has anyone else ever had a necropsy with no cause of death given on their Beardie, and at such a young age? I am heartbroken
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