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FIRE Orlando

Postby Superlativescience » Sat Sep 01, 2012 4:26 pm


We had some ups and we had a bad down at FIRE today. I am a science K-5 lab teacher. I have a lot of lab critters for the students which for the most part, I fund out of pocket. We loaded up on crickets, wax worms, horned worms, fruit flies (premium crickets). We purchased a new small zoomed habitat, bought "dumpy" white tree frogs (thank you, Hang Ten reptiles!) Visited Pinellas County Reptiles and picked up some supplies for "Forrest Gump" our chameleon we bought from them in June in Tampa. Our oldest beardie got a scarf from "Neon's" mom (sorry, can't remember the name). And unfortunately, bought 2 dart frogs from House of Reptiles (for a tank my husband has put about $500 into). They died before we left Orlando (within 2-3 hours). We went back to the vendor and "all he could do was offer us two more at half price." He said they got too hot and that I should take responsibility for that. I say he should take responsibility for educating a new pet owner! If I had known how sensitive they were, I would have bought them right before we left and rushed home. All of our other purchases survived just fine. These frogs did not leave us. We carried them around the expo and by the time we left and stopped to get gas, they were dead. My daughter cried all the way home, and my students will be sad come Tuesday. Shame on that vendor! :angry5:
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Re: FIRE Orlando

Postby ShannyBeard » Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:39 am

I am so sorry to hear about the dead frogs. :( My sister worked at the Breeder's Expo in Daytona for Josh's Frogs and I would HIGHLY recommend getting your dart frogs from them next time. I know it is too late for you now, but if you look online you can see Josh's Frogs really have a nice buisness. They breed them all themselves. If you 'like' their Facebook page, they are always posting interesting froggy information and neat pictures:!/JoshsFrogs

Again, so sorry to hear about the frogs. :(
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