beardie seems stressed and constantly glass surfs

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beardie seems stressed and constantly glass surfs

Postby chemdaddy » Sat Sep 12, 2020 1:15 pm

I have a bearded dragon named Rango (haven't found out gender yet) and he is almost constantly glass surfing. I've had him for nearly two months and he hasn't seemed stressed or anything up until this last week. The pet store said he was a month old when I got him, making him (probably) 3 months old. He shed his entire body and head in the same week as I started feeding him tiny pieces of collard greens (last week). Since then, his beard has started to grow kind of dark and he almost constantly is running along/up the glass. He threw up a large chunk of what I believe to be the collard greens about 4 days ago, so I stopped feeding him those immediately. Since then he has only eaten dried/live mealworms depending on what he wants to eat.
Personally I think that this could be due to him being bored but the darkness of his beard leads me to believe its stress-related.
Some facts:
-Generally will eat very little when I try to feed him live food (mealworms/crickets)
-His enclosure is on my computer desk (maybe lights/sound is too much?)
-He has always seemed afraid of his own reflection and is constantly looking at it
-He always stops glass surfing when I look at him
-I sometimes put him on my desk to explore and he glass surfs from the outside, like he's trying to get back in
This is all of the information I can provide that I think is relevant, any help you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated. I do not know if he is sick, bored, or stressed but I want to do anything I can to help him out. Thanks
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Re: beardie seems stressed and constantly glass surfs

Postby CooperDragon » Sun Sep 13, 2020 6:02 pm

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Sometimes they go through restless moods, but if something is off with Rango's setup, then that could be making him act up and glass surf as well. Can you provide some more detail about what lights you have in place and what surface temperatures are etc? That will help isolate any possible issues with setup that may be affecting him. You can upload photos here and post them to your thread using the XIMG button when you reply.
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