Baby (3weeks old?) changes eating behavior in a week

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Baby (3weeks old?) changes eating behavior in a week

Postby teaflower » Tue Jun 30, 2020 4:03 pm

I wasn’t entirely sure where to put this post, I’ll move it to the appropriate place if need be.

Tank Specs:
40 Gallon
150W Basking Bulb
UVB Coil Bulb
10.0 UVB Tube Light
Ceramic Heat Emitter (for bedtime)
Papertowels for a substrate (easy clean up and I’m scared his fecal matter will blend into the brown carpet I have had in the tank previously, and I’m a bit of a clean freak).
A mini bowl for his H2O (mixed with liquid to make the water safe to drink)
A mini bowl for his salads.

I recently (8 days ago to be exact) adopted a baby beardie from PetSmart. He seems to be a hatchling, by taking a guess with it’s size. I recently had to put my very first beardie down, he was nearly a year and a half old. I know my way around Bearded Dragons, but I’m no expert.

The first night with it wasn’t too bad. It stood in the same place for an hour or so and then climbed up it’s tree and fell asleep for the night when the timers for the light switched off.

The second day, I bought crickets for it (and coated them with the calcium supplement) and it had about 3 or 4 and then ran off up it’s tree for the night. It showed no interest in the salad (I’ve read a few posts saying babies won’t show interest in salads for awhile), but this is where it started to concern me..

The 3rd day, it showed interest in the crickets, but when I went to feed it, it ran off and showed zero interest for any crickets, dead or alive.

I haven’t tried leaving the crickets in the tank for it to hunt (I don’t want the crickets gnawing on him at night), I’ve only attempted to hand feed it.

Still, it being the 8th day I’ve had the little lizard, it hasn’t shown much interest for the crickets or food. I’ve released 10 powdered covered crickets into it’s tank as soon as I got home a few hours ago and I’ve seen it run around the tank but not physically eaten anything (to my knowledge). It’s mainly just been laying in the tree under the basking spot with it’s eyes closed, ignoring the world around it. I also gave it a bath and it drank droplets of water from my fingers.

I’m a worried mama, and I’m hoping I’m just overreacting. The whole small baby lizard thing is new to me, and the fact that it’s avoiding it’s food is wild to me. I’ve just never experienced this behavior before.
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Re: Baby (3weeks old?) changes eating behavior in a week

Postby KarrieRee » Tue Jun 30, 2020 4:18 pm

Ok the first thing I am going to recommend is getting rid of the coil UVB -- if its a 13 watt its NO good - please replace - if its a 26 watt then you are ugh ok- if its one of the new ones in a long fixture type that are now being introduced I have no info on them at all ------------- why do you have 2 UVB's? one of those bulbs could be causing the issue -- they will go thru relocation stress but to quit eating all together is not good -- you did not say anything about basking temps or how you are taking them --- if you are using Stick Ons only they are inaccurate for a actual basking temp basking temps need to be 105-110 -- you need a digital probe thermometer -- petco or petsmart $7 --- please show me what your using for lights click on XIMG at the top of the message box then click on the pic it should post--- he needs salads every morning -- we can talk about that but first we need to find out why hes not eating --
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