Semi-Mobile Black Tissue[?] In Beardie's Mouth

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Semi-Mobile Black Tissue[?] In Beardie's Mouth

Postby ScalesandSpines » Fri May 10, 2019 2:12 pm


I don't have any picture at the moment, I'm sorry. My elderly [11yo] bearded dragon has semi mobile but still attached black tissue in her mouth? At first I thought that it was just some superworm remains, but it's definitely attached to her gum tissue. Part of it is black, but it doesn't smell rotted. She's still eating alright and she's always been fairly picky when in comes to non-insect food. On the other hand, her stools lately have been rather soft/liquidy despite her diet not being changed any time recently. She was on calcium supplements and anti inflammatories after leaping from her enclosure (a solid 3 or so feet up) to land on her back, and while we've stopped after the recommended time we're still working on scheduling a follow-up appointment at the exotic vet. She also has a rather quickly developing small lump on her chin that I initially thought was due to her strange sleeping habits (she enjoys propping her chin up on things), but the fact that it's a small lump now is raising concerns for me, especially given her age.
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Re: Semi-Mobile Black Tissue[?] In Beardie's Mouth

Postby Drache613 » Sat May 11, 2019 5:14 pm


Pictures would definitely be most helpful.
Can you review her tank setup, such as the type/brand of UVB, temperatures, foods
offered, etc along with pictures of her & the tank setup when you get a chance. I am
not sure what the black tissue would be in her mouth though. It is a fleshy type of tissue
or growth?
The growth on her chin, it could possibly be metabolic bone issues from low UVB
exposure or calcium intake.
It sounds like she has been doing good, reaching age 11. Wow, so she performed a
kamakazi from 3 feet & landing on her back? Good grief, why do they do that, they think
they can fly!
She would probably benefit from a liquid calcium.
Is her beard black or normal colored?

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