hi all, new here

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hi all, new here

Postby Arcathus » Sun Jun 04, 2006 4:03 am


Hi all, I'm new here
I live in Thailand and have had my first Beardie for a few weeks now(13 inch).
I also have 3 lil one that I just got today :D (pinky size)
You should see my lil one run, n u wouldn't say the Beardies are slow

Here is how I raise my Beardie(please tell me if I'm doing anything wrong)
1 I take her to get direct sunlight every morning for about 1and a half hr, during that, I gave her the veggie first then the cric.
2 I don't spray her with water, but instead I have a bowl(more like a plate) with 0.5cm water height.
3 For vitamins n calcium, I dust em on wax worm n give em to her. She's absolutely crazy about waxy, she'd jump for em while I'm giving em to her.
4 I have only the basking lamp, which provides UVA for her during day time(which I think might not be enough, but she is still growing pretty fast)
5 During night time, I don't give her any light.
6 I use newspaper for her enclosure's floor, changing it every 2 days

Does anyone know what's a good veggie to use which I can get locally?
Right now I'm giving her sth very similar to Bok Choy, but I don't know the name in English :(

Thx in advance :D
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Postby barti1 » Sun Jun 04, 2006 8:59 am

Welcome to the forum! Here's a good site for the veggies http://www.beautifuldragons.503xtreme.c ... ition.html

You should have a UVB light in there either 8.0 or 10.0.

What are their temps?

How many crix are they eating?

Are you giving her bathes?

Other then these Question everything is fine. (I think) :lol: Taking them outside is VERY good for them, it helps them get more UVB ray, whichs gives them a better activity level, and they eat more too.
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