Diet / New Beardie

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Diet / New Beardie

Postby skylaramanda21 » Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:28 am

So i got a new bearded dragon on 5-18-19. When i purchase the beardie the owner sold me a light (claimed to be UVB and Basking together) with a 10 gallon tank and at this point i and very little knowledge to bearded dragons. So i went home, started building her a larger cage and doing research. I noticed she was not eating as much as the website says she or he should so this got me worried considering how many issues could come into play. So i made a vet appointment, now i live in a very small town so we have no EXPERTS but she said that she had a couple customers with beardies. The vet said that she seems to look healthy and weighs in a 91 grams,(couldnt tell me age) sent me home with a sheet of stuff to do and to not do (which i already researched). So essentially got no answers, i actually i taught her some things. I have listed below my experiences so far and am really looking for answers.. Please help! I originally posted a long message and decided to break it into categories because I think my chances for receiving answers will be much greater. (See my first post if you would like to read it all!

Diet: I sprinkle her food with calcium with d3 vitamins. u
I do not know the beardies age so i have been a little up in the air on how much to feed. so as of right now i put a fresh mixed salad in her cage before work and attempt to feed her protein 2-3 times a day for 10-15 mins.
I feed her live cricket and mealworms as of now. She seems to favor the mealworms but i know that they arent a good staple food. I ordered a variety of recommended insects to see what she favors and will be breeding dubia roaches as a staple because the cricket are annoying.. (as long as she eats them..)
I know she does not eat veggies yet, the pet shop told me they feed the beardies lettuce which i know is a no no.. But i have made a salad for her everyday with almost every veggie and fruit recommended and put it in her cage before leaving and she doesnt seem to touch them. Ive tried mixing them with insects, hand feeding her, putting them on top on meal worms to create movement but nothing.

She seems to only eat something if it is moving..

Over the last week she has not been eating as much.. I put her in with the cricket and she eats a few but not what she should be.. So i started trying to feed her mealworms so she doesnt starve but she doesnt go crazy over them either.
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Re: Diet / New Beardie

Postby KarrieRee » Tue Jun 04, 2019 12:58 pm

I think I responded to your first post --- check this website out for nutrition ---
I would lay off the mealworms they are too harsh on the little ones stomach- she needs to be eating dubia roaches - crickets-- blow fly larvea or calci worms those dont need to be dusted - horn worms are good for treats and full of hydration - butter worms are fattening -- supers are ok just dont feed so many for little ones --- your lighting in the tank plays a huge role in their over all health digestion and behavior--please do not leave crickets in the tank over nite -- they tend to bite and can cause infections
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