photos of JIMMIA :)

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Re: photos of JIMMIA :)

Postby JIMMIA » Thu Dec 19, 2019 8:11 pm

CooperDragon wrote:He got to go into a restaurant? Did they make a nice little salad plate for him? :D

Do you ever encounter these eastern water dragons? I saw one of them along a foot path on the UQ campus and he was super friendly. I sat down and talked to him and he came trotting over to say hi and then jumped on my lap and tried to eat a button off of my shirt :lol: I later saw a bunch of them in the park areas around Brisbane and up in Beerwah in and around the Zoo.
[Click image to enlarge]

Haha he actually in the pub because was meeting a friend there 😊 and yes I’ve seen few of those dragons that’s what I thought jimmia was at first because I see them at the lake when take him for walks down there he just watches them or tries hiding under the leaves and play peekaboos haha ☺️ And funny you say beerwah because that’s where I am from lol 😆
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