Mountain Horned Dragon May be Gravid. Beginner With Eggs.

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Mountain Horned Dragon May be Gravid. Beginner With Eggs.

Postby Lazmarr » Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:15 am

It's not bearded dragons but I thought I should ask anyway. Apologies if it's in the wrong section.
I have two mountain horned dragons, one male and one female.
I believe the female may be gravid since she is looking pretty round at the moment.
I've never hatched lizards before, but would like to try.
What do I need to incubate the eggs?
I had read that styrofoam/polystyrene boxes are good. I was given one by the aquatic shop but my parents said it was too big and I had to throw it away.
They said would a cooler be any good?
What size of a polystyrene/styrofoam box would you recommend?

What do I need to do? I know that once I set them up in damp vermiculite I should not turn them like chicken eggs.
What Kind of container is best to place the vermiculite and eggs into and how many per container?
Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Mountain Horned Dragon May be Gravid. Beginner With Eggs

Postby AHBD » Sun Sep 10, 2017 1:49 pm

Hi there, this is how I set up my beardie eggs . They're in a plastic shoe box with large holes drilled in the lid. I use vermiculite or sand/vermiculite mix. ... _small.jpg

Do you know what temps. to use ? I know the M.H. dragons come from a cooler tropical place so I would think it's a lower incubation temp. Maybe in the 70's.
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