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Goodnight Steve

PostPosted: Thu Mar 11, 2021 8:26 pm
by indicamutchler
My beardie, Steve died earlier tonight. We had just taken her in to a local ER Vet place due to her not eating recently. She was only 4.

I feel incredibly guilty, and I wish I had been paying closer attention, maybe I would've noticed her being off. I think it's because she wasn't getting enough calcium, or UVB. I previously had trusted what pet stores told me for UVB, which was useless garbage. The right UVB came in today. We ordered her some liquid food suggested by the vet, and that would've been here tomorrow morning. If anyone reads this, please, please research. Don't trust what the pet stores tell you like I mistakenly did.

I got my lisence this year, and I was excited to try and see if she'd like to take drives in the summer. We just got her a new tank setup, and I wish she had gotten the time to enjoy it.

I'm sorry I failed you, Stevie. I loved her very much and I hope she knew. [Click image to enlarge]