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need lighting help

PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2021 12:31 pm
by neo8175
I just bought the Repti zoo enclosure 36" x 24" x18" ( ... UTF8&psc=1)
for my bearded dragon which I plan on purchasing in the next few weeks (juvenile size) but I still need the lighting fixtures+bulbs. I do have a few CHE domes back when I owned a few pythons and other essentials. I need some recommendations for a UVB lamp, UVB light fixture and a basking bulb. What does everyone recommend? If I get the 22" Reptisun 10.0 T5 UVB, should I put inside in the cage or on top of the screen?

Re: need lighting help

PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2021 1:52 pm
by CooperDragon
I would pick up either the ReptiSun 10 T5 or an Arcadia 12% T5. You can set them on the screen top, but that reduces a bit of output so you'll want the main basking area to be about 10-12'' beneath the bulb. The 24'' or 36'' lengths should work. If you go with the longer one, it will brighten more of the enclosure, but you'll want to set it toward the front or back of the enclosure a bit in order to create a gradient along the depth.

If you don't have any other animals in the house, you can leave the top off and suspend the lights overhead which will increase their effective output. If you don't have the top getting in the way, then the distance to the UVB should be more around 12-14'' or so.

I like to use an adjustable lamp stand to hang my basking lamp from. The adjustability allows me to raise/lower the bulb easily in order to change the surface temps in the enclosure. You can hang another fixture with a CHE or heat projector if you need additional heat overnight (if the enclosure goes below about 65 or so).