HELP! with lighting for 100 gallon tank

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HELP! with lighting for 100 gallon tank

Postby RiverNessDragon » Sat Feb 01, 2020 2:00 pm

Okay so until recently the light fixture that we had for my beardie worked fine (it was one of those 160w bulbs that provided both basking and uvb lighting.) HOWEVER, recently the light fixture has now been tripping the circuit breaker in my apartment. I was curious is anyone here can point me in whether I should get separate fixtures for uvb specifically and another one for basking. And if anyone has any solutions to this issue. The tank is 100 gallons with dimensions of: 32 inches high, 48 long, and 18 inches in width. We basically got a tank which used to house turtles as it was large and could be acquired quickly. If anyone has any advice for the lighting, heating, etc for this tank I would greatly appreciate it.
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Re: HELP! with lighting for 100 gallon tank

Postby KarrieRee » Sat Feb 01, 2020 2:33 pm

I am using separate for my 2 120 gallon tanks-- 4x2x2---- I have 2 zoo med 24" fixtures w / the Arcadia 14% bulbs--- since my tanks are 24" high the fixtures are at top of screens inside tank w/ the 14% bulbs--- I am also using 150 watt basking bulbs--- and I have 2 CHE's that are on top of screen w/ 100 watt bulbs--- only used in winter and they keep my tanks around 70 at nite--- it is too hard for me to keep temps w/ the all one one and easier to adjust if needed
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Re: HELP! with lighting for 100 gallon tank

Postby MrSpectrum » Sat Feb 01, 2020 2:46 pm

Wow, that's really tall & shallow (kinda wish those two dimensions were switched) but that's a different issue for now.

There is SO much here on proper lighting. I think you would do well to avail yourself of the years of experience in the archives.

One person's opinion: I think what you want/need is a 24" Reptisun T5 10.0 UVB fluorescent (in a suitable fixture--with reflector) or 24" Arcadia T5 12% or 14% UVB fluorescent (in a suitable fixture--with reflector) and a halogen flood (not spot) light (some experimenting may be in order to figure out wattage depending on your enclosure and house ambience) for basking. An aimable fixture would be preferred--e.g. a domed clamp work light fixture with reflector (or other).
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