Stressed by reflection.

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Stressed by reflection.

Postby Notta » Sat Jun 08, 2019 2:26 pm


My baby bearded dragon who i've had for almost a week now has been off of his basking rock looking at the glass of his tank with his colors dark. He also has been waving at the reflection, at first I thought he was waving to me but then i realized his pupils and head were looking at the reflection. Sometimes I've even seen him scratching at it. While I feel bad covering 3/4 walls I feel like he will be better off. I used the cardboard from the box his kit came from, which dont worry I have gotten a lot more stuff that wasn't included in the kit / wasn't good enough for him. It's a 40 gal breeder and my beardie is about 7 inches long. (Please forgive me if this is organized weird I slept a total of 1 hour and I'm not that good at writing). Do you guys think that it was a good idea to cover the sides and block 3/4 of his view or will this stress him out more, also is it safe for cardboard to get hot because its near the basking spot. Also one last question that I feel I should include here instead of a separate thread, I haven't been able to find time to get to a store for the life of me. I have crickets that I'm gut loading with a super healthy feed meant for gut loading but the only veggies I have that he can eat are carrots which I don't think he cares for, especially since there weren't any in his bowl at the store I got him at. Do you guys think he can go around 8 days without veggies given the circumstances? ((Edit as im writing this, in just the 10 minutes hes had 3/4ths of his tank covered he seems to be moving around alot more and licking the floor, he also went to the far end of his tank which I never seen him do, is this good or bad?))
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Re: Stressed by reflection.

Postby KarrieRee » Sat Jun 08, 2019 5:17 pm

Welcome to the forum-- can you please post pics of your tank and lighting--- we can better help you w/ other things as well as the background- besides the box you can use wrapping paper newspaper or other type of paper on the outside of your tank --- he should be eating as many crickets or dubia roaches in 10-15 minutes- they should be dusted w/ calcium D3 5 x per week and vitamins 2 x per week -- I recommend dubias they are better for him they dont tend to give parasites/ worms they are easy to keep in a tote or 10 gallon aquarium and you can feed them carrots apples strawberries squash-- they dont stink and they dont chirp-- he needs vegies like collards mustard turnip greens squash -- a little fruit NO citrus - here is a website for nutrition--
Basking temps should be 105-110-- cool side of tank should be 80's -- right now his main diet is live bugs -- he needs the protein and the calcium and vitamins to get him off to a good start along w/ good UVB--- temps should be taken w/ a Infrared Heat gun --
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