Basking Spot Issue

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Basking Spot Issue

Postby harris93 » Wed Jun 09, 2021 5:56 am

Hello all.

Wondering if someone can help me. First time using a Dimming Thermostat so I'm a little confused. I have a 4ft viv and I'm a week away from collecting my new baby dragon. Trying to get things set up and tested prior to collection.

I've placed my sensor for the thermostat at about basking height, in the corner of the warm end. Set the thermostat to 30C and both hot and cold temps are reading perfectly with a digital thermometer, currently 24C on the cold end. Now, when I switch on the setup in the morning it runs perfectly, basking temp sits around 43C, but come afteroon/late afternoon, the basking spots drops off completely as the basking bulb cuts off, due to the ambient temp in the tank settling. Obviously I'm worried, as right now I can't seem to find a solution for keeping the basking temp up.

I hope this makes sense?


To clarify, basking spot was reading perfectly at 43C, now it's reading 30C due to dimming thermostat sensor sensing that the hot end has reached it's max setting, so has dimmed the basking spot bulb right down.
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Re: Basking Spot Issue

Postby CooperDragon » Wed Jun 09, 2021 5:29 pm

It sounds like maybe the positioning of the probe is off if you're getting such different readings. I put the probe for my dimmer right on the basking surface. You can zip tie it or similar to keep it in place if needed. If the bulb is dimming too much and you're getting an accurate surface reading, then you might want to try out some different basking bulbs. You don't want it to dim too much, just a little bit to fine tune things. If you find that the ambient temps are getting too warm, I would try to increase airflow through the enclosure.

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