African Dwarf Frogs

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African Dwarf Frogs

Postby traildrifterphalanx » Tue Feb 14, 2017 7:39 am


Hey all,
Just a quick question because google searches are not giving the information I need.

I have 3 african dwarf frogs (ADF) in a 10 gallon tank alone with 1 otocinclus (was 2 until this morning...)

I've had the 3 frogs for probably 6 or so months now, they are all now sexually mature, 2 males and 1 female. The 2 males have been singing and clinging on to the back of the female as though getting ready for eggs, however this has been happening for almost a month now with no eggs and the singing/hugging has been on and off.

My question is how long does it take between the female being ready and then actually laying? Most forums make it sound like a quick process, and it seems the female has taken to trying to hide from them during the day and then is out and crawling around at night.
She is definitely a plump one, but I do not have enough experience to say she's carrying eggs, but the males seem to think so.

[Click image to enlarge]

Here is the female, Gunther, peeking out from hiding.
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