Tiger Salamanders

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Tiger Salamanders

Postby TJinPgh » Thu Sep 15, 2011 5:10 pm


I recently picked up a copy of Reptiles USA magazine (2012 Annual) and they had an interesting article on Tiger Salamanders.

Seemed like it might make for a very nice addition to the family zoo.

I did a search here and saw that a number of people here also have them. Was wondering if anybody could shed any additional light on them, so to speak.

In the article and what info I found on line, it seems that they are ok to keep in pairs. Has that been anybody's experience? If so, is it best to have a male-female, two females or two males? How territorial are they? Or is keeping them by themselves still the preferred situation?

Since all the info I've found suggests that it's extremely difficult to breed them in captivity, I'm guessing that keeping a male-female pair wouldn't run a major risk of unwanted offspring without intentionally creating an atmostphere conducive to it? (in other words, they're not likely to be able to mate in the typcal tiger viv, right?)

I haven't seen these in the pet stores around here, but I don't see any indication from the PA Game Commission that it's illegal to own them here.

I had thought to check out the Pittsburgh and Steel City Reptile shows to see if any were present. How much would one expect to pay for either a young adult or juvie metamorph?

Those that have them, what do you feed them and what are you using for a viv/substrate?

Any info you can share is appreciated.

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