increase in food intake...

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increase in food intake...

Postby ncc74656 » Thu Dec 13, 2018 9:55 pm

my beardie is about a year and 3/4 old, she has always had a healthy apitite (when she chooses), as of late (past few weeks) ive noticed her eating a bit more than normal. not sure if around the 2 year mark they grow again or if she is just more active?

she is currently eating the following: 110-150 super worms,
3-6 large dubia,
4-8 blueberries,
3-5 green beans (cooked),
1 raddish,
4-6 large horned worms (usually just before they pop),
Dried meal worms for a snack (maybe 40 or so),

and a mattering of various other greens/bearded dragon pellets - [i mix spinach, bachchoy, green onion, and collard greens in with her super worms and i use a bit of honey or thicket to make these items stick to the worms so she eats her greens no matter what].

this is her weekly diet at present and has been for about the past 5 weeks.

i feed her until she does not want to eat anymore in the mornings, i leave her with food available through out the day. when i get home i feed her again and then i offer her a final snack before bed. from the time i get home to the time we go to bed she will often munch out of her food bowel so i figure she still isnt full even tho she didnt want more food from me just an hour earlier.

this sound like normal diet intake?
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