Where to get cheap feeder insects in Denmark!

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Where to get cheap feeder insects in Denmark!

Postby Vilderup » Wed Oct 10, 2018 1:23 am


Hello people,

I have an issue with food, it is super expensive here in Denmark to get some feeder insects in local pet stores. I can buy some crickets and they are gone the next day (eaten). As a student with no special income, it is a hard situation for me economically. Maybe someone from Denmark (if there is any) can help me find some cheap, but healthy insects?

I can't buy over amazon/ebay or other insects stores on the internet, because 90% only ship to the US. The rest can ship, with cheap insects, but the shipping.. Oh boy, the shipping. Let's say the insects are 5 bucks.. Shipping = 50+ bucks, and that is not included with tax from the danish government.

I have begun two colonies, a dubia roach colony and recently a superworm colony. The superworms are still not in pupae state.

My dubia roach colony is also not doing well. I have had them for over a month now, and have only seen one eggsack. None seem like they are breeding, but they are eating well. The temp is at 80 degrees fahrenheit, constantly in a warm cabinet. There is no form for light, constant darkness(problem?). I clean regurlarly every 2 weeks because I see a lot of dead roaches, 3-5 adult roaches dead each time and more than 5 nymphs. I remove food and add new every 2-4 days to avoid mold. Apples, oranges, pears. Any advice?
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