I thought she was just a regular pet store bearded dragon...

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I thought she was just a regular pet store bearded dragon...

Postby twuquart » Mon Jan 05, 2009 6:10 pm


...but she's sooooo pretty and bright when shes asleep. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what morph they think she might be. Also, can anyone tell me why they turn so much brighter when they sleep? and how can I get her to be that pretty looking when she's awake? And also, I have noticed, she turns very bright and pretty when she's REALLY angry (like when I have her wrapped in a towel trying to give her her meds)...why is that? pictures....

she was angry because I woke her up taking this picture.

eating greens off daddys tummy...hahah

Yum, phoenix worms...
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Re: I thought she was just a regular pet store bearded dragon...

Postby dolcedragon » Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:59 pm

I'm afraid I'm quite useless when it comes to morphs. I can match up pictures and make guesses but that's about it. I just wanted to say I think she is a beautiful little girl. It looks like she's about to shed an arm and that tail. :)
Great shot of her eating the PWs. I wish mine would eat greens with dust on them like that. If they see it, they stick their nose up and walk away so I have to hide it. :P
Beardies can definitely get lighter when they cool down. Most people I've talked to though say they think their beardie looks worse when it's asleep and prettier when it's basking! Lol She probably loses all of her heat when she's using her energy being angry, bearding, or struggling making her turn color too.
If you want to try to intensify her coloring you could try MVB lighting instead of UVB (if you're not already). I haven't tried it personally, but some say it makes them look radiant.
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