Theromo Questions

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Theromo Questions

Postby Judah'sHuman » Sat Oct 04, 2008 5:27 pm


I put this under enclosers but no responce yet, so Im placing it here now.

I am thinking that I am going to need a thermostat for the winter months here in Seattle. I only have a 55 gallon tank and a 250 Exoterra Cermaic Heater, I thought this would be way too hot but I had tried a 150 watt and it would only get 75 under the heater so had to change that situation right away. The viv is 18" high and Im cosidering making a new custom viv that is longer and wider but a few inches shorter on the heigth. Currently temps are pretty good about what I want them to be. When It gets colder however, it is going to be not good. Do the thermostates make the heater get hotter that what it is currently? Right under the heater it is only 96 (which is about the center of the tank and under the merc bulb it is 96-105 (depending on where you are in the light) Judah seems to reallt liek to hang out where it is only 96-98 in the baskign spot. I am sure that I will have troubles with consistant temps once winter comes as I have already had a times that it droped when it the weather got bad. So unless the Thermostates make it burn hotter (rather than just shutting it on and off periodicly) I dont know what im going do.

Also I have the heater in a wire ceramic fixture, can I put it into a dome ceramic fixture to direct some of the heat into the tank rather than going up into the air above the tank. I think this is why it is getting alot of heat loss. I am consitering moving the tank upstairs because it is warmer up here. I have a du level house and my room, which is in the daylight basment is where I have the Viv, it gets down to about 60-65 durring winter. Last winter i didnt have any trouble keeping it warm in the tank. I had just gotten Judah and his whole viv set up from a previous owner, and the heater was one of those really bad red bulb heat lamps. I finally changed it in Feb. to the Ceramic set up. Anywho any suggestions????
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