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Hi! I have a question on burmation! Does my berrdie have to go through burmation? Is there any way of preventing it?
Hi there, many beardies will do so but others won't. A lot of times it happens when they sense the change season. It's best not to try to stop it because it's natural for them and you can seriously stress them out if you interfere. The beardies that don't brumate are fine too, either way.
Been keeping busy working on the site. With all the changes, I've been closely monitoring performance, user activity (number posts, threads, registrations, users logging in each day, etc.) to try and keep a sense for how things seem to be working in terms of increasing activity. So far ... so good! :) Still keeping at it.
Got a sick 16 year old and a bit. He looks like he wants to throw up and has a bit of excess fluid when he opens his mouth but it’s not thick or gooey. It’s his bed time now so his light has gone out - should I leave it on while he sorts himself out???!! I will take him to the vet tomorrow to get antibiotics as I think it may be an opportunistic infection based on his age - any help for my billabong? Thank you!!
I would not leave the lights on --- it disrupts the sleep
I'm Abby. I own two bearded dragons, Opal and Zayde. As well as 7 chickens and 2 dogs! I ride horses, specifically Hunt Seat under saddle and jump 2'6" at the moment.
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